An elegant design, honed by 20 years of luxury design experience, perfectly matched by a comprehensive service.

Born from the overwhelming demand for showcases that could transport the look and feel of a high-end boutique to any event space the heart desired.

We believe that your luxury events deserve only the highest of quality, service and expertise.

That's why only the finest materials are used to create a perfect balance between luxury and solidity, all created by our expert craftsmen.

Readily available in Sydney and Melbourne, Luxury showcase hire will take care of the delivery, set-up and collection, relieving you of unnecessary stress and giving you more time to enjoy your next event.

With 7 unique designs, optional personalised logos, rotating displays, battery operation and available in short or long term hire, we will always have what it takes to bring your event to the next level of luxury.


Address: 165 Victoria Street, Beaconsfield, NSW, 2015

Tel: (02) 9313 6433

Email: info@tvd.net.au